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Initial Evaluation

Before reaching a diagnosis and offering recommendations, I need to fully understand each particular situation. Therefore, considerable time and effort is devoted to the evaluation and taking a comprehensive history. Often an older adolescent will come alone to the first appointment. In the case of a younger child, parents may be seen first and the child at a later date, or everyone may be asked to come in together. The evaluation typically involves separate child and parent interviews, as well as the completion of questionnaires, and in some cases, classroom observation of the child. At the end of the evaluation, I will offer impressions and advise on how to proceed.

Range of Services

I treat each patient as an individual and use eclectic, yet integrated and informed, methods to design and tailor a specific treatment that fit abilities and needs including:
•	Parent Management Training
•	Systematic Problem Solving
•	Conflict Resolution
•	Anger Management
•	Impulse Control
•	Relationship Building
•	Social Skills
•	Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 
•	Emotion Regulation
•	Frustration and Distress Tolerance
•	Mindfulness
•	Play Therapy
•	Insight Oriented Therapy
•	Interpersonal and Relational Therapy
•	Motivational Interviewing
•	Family Systems Therapy