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A Philosophy That Respects Individual Differences

My clinical approach is based on certain fundamental principles:
A Broad View of Normality

A person can be different without being abnormal. Problems exist on a spectrum, ranging from mild to problematic to abnormal. It is possible to suffer from significant personal problems without being diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disorder.

Psychiatric Diagnosis and the Use of Medication

I am conservative about diagnosis and referrals for medication use. In order to make a psychiatric diagnosis, symptoms have to significantly impair functioning and relationships.

Goodness of Fit

This phrase refers to the level of compatibility between individuals, or between a person and his/her environment. A good fit can improve any relationship, however, it is in the parent-child relationship that Goodness of Fit is most important. The way a child is viewed can greatly impact success.

The Importance of Parenting

To be an effective parent does not require a detailed knowledge of child development or an extensive library of sometimes-contradictory books on childhood problems. To be an effective parent you primarily need to understand and accept your child for the person he/she truly is and to do your best to adapt your parenting style to the temperament and capabilities of your child.

The Importance of Self -Image

An integral focus in treatment is on the child's and family’s strengths because a feeling of success enhances one’s self-esteem. Conversely, while believing that vulnerabilities should be addressed, I discourage excessive focus on areas of lesser competence. Once again, temperament and Goodness of Fit play a key role in determining the self-image of a child.